Sanitization And Disinfection

The post-COVID-19 world is going to be different. Let's call it the new normal, but are you prepared to face it?The demand of sanitization and disinfection services in Mumbai has been increased due to Novel Corona Outbreak. Coronavirus disease also known as COVID-19 has been a pandemic. Proper sanitization and disinfection of surfaces will reduce the spreads of coronaviruses and other viruses, bacteria and germs.What you should opt for sanitization service or disinfecting service? Let’s first understand the difference between sanitization and disinfection.

Sanitization is the act or process of making something completely clean and free from dirt, germs and bacteria. In the process of sanitization, the number of microorganism (germs and bacteria) are substantially eliminated or reduced to safe level, usually by 99.99.

Disinfection is the process of killing germs, bacteria and viruses completely from surfaces. If there is high chance of bacteria and germs on the surfaces then disinfection is recommended.

At Pest India Solution, we use top-notch tools and techniques to provide precise sanitization and disinfection. One of the primary techniques is called air-mist (cold fogging with ULV Machine) or fumigation technique.Air-misting(cold fogging with ULV Machine)/fumigation is a highly effective sanitization and disinfection method practiced by professional sanitization & disinfection experts; for Home sanitization, office sanitization and factory sanitization.

Our Sanitization and disinfection service will help to reduce the risk of cross infection in an enclosed area also Safe and comfortable environment that offers peace of mind.

Pest India Solution provide sanitization and disinfection service for home, sanitization and disinfection service for office and sanitization and disinfection service for factory all over Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

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