Lizards Control

Lizards actually are creepy cold blooded reptiles but often considered as pests. While lizards are not directly responsible for any disease/s, it leaves behind its droppings and eggs at completely unexpected places, such as between the clothes in our closets, leading to foul smell. Lizard droppings and eggs can stick to clothes, garments and carpets which can be harmful and unhygienic. Kids and many adults are usually afraid of them and are considered as bad omen in Indian homes.

Treatment for Lizard problem

Pest India Solution provide an effective approach to lizard control made through the knowledge that they are predators,they primarily consume other insects. Most lizard like to hang out near light sources, as they rely on insects that instinctively move towards light So we make use of selective and correct mixtures of chemical spray that reduces the nuisances of other crawling insects in your home along with Lizard. Using aerial spray with third generation chemicals, proves to be the most effective solution to control the pest and lizards in your premises.

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